How do you pronounce "YiXing" in English?

Do they really come from China?
Yes. The purple clay from which the teapots are made only comes from one place in the world: YiXing, China.

What is purple clay?
Purple clay has numerous properties that contribute to the fine quality of these teapots. Primarily, purple clay has an attractive color and a flavor-retaining quality.

Are YiXing teapots healthy and safe?
Yes. All of our teapots are certified to be lead free. And since no glazes are used on the teapots, they are free from the chemicals that one might find in other teapots.

How big are YiXing teapots?
Most YiXing teapots are only big enough for serving a single person. They are designed this way, for traditionally one drinks directly from his or her own YiXing teapot. Please note: the dimensions of each teapot are listed in our catalog.

What is a chop mark?
On the bottom of all YiXing teapots, there is a mark that identifies the artist who made the teapot (like a signature). This mark is called a chop mark.